Holding the Space to Heal
Introducing Donna Harmony Jones and Healing Presence Therapy
My passion is holding the container through which healing takes place, providing advocacy, education and Healing Touch.

Healing Presence Therapy

Presence, grounded in harmonizing core concepts and values which evolved through my own healing journey

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Working with Donna

I bring to you my experiences and expertise from mainstream health care, holistic health care and healing work

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Grow Through, or Get Through?

11 Attributes of those who choose to grow

Do you seek to  grow through, or just get through,  life’s challenges?

Since 1994 I have become a person who chooses, intentionally,  to grow through, rather than just get through the various challenges I encounter.

Maybe it ...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Selfish or Centered in the Self?

How early in life do many children come to believe they are selfish because they think about themselves and what they want?’

Yes, it is important to learn the balance of giving and receiving and thinking of self and thinking of others,

but when the balance swings ...