Grow Through, or Get Through?

11 Attributes of those who choose to grow

Do you seek to  grow through, or just get through,  life’s challenges?

Since 1994 I have become a person who chooses, intentionally,  to grow through, rather than just get through the various challenges I encounter.

Maybe it is my nature or acquired resilience, I’m not sure.

I just have noticed I prefer growth as an outcome versus just getting through, over, or around, difficulties.

Such as; a health crisis, starting a business, loss of a job, starting a business, infidelity,  divorce, care giving,  illness and death of  loved ones, physical injuries, mental health challenges, financial difficulties.

I have never been faced with tragedy such as is happening at an increasing rate in our country and the world, losing family or friends to violence, and I have never been shot, attacked, beaten, kidnapped or car jacked, never been without food or roof over my head, and I have never lost a child, so I cannot say if  I would grow through those situations.

Life, No One Gets Out Alive

I am guessing you have heard the saying, ‘Life, no one gets out alive’.

I offer this one, just as confidently, ‘Life, limitless opportunities for growth.’

After the divorce from my  second husband of 23 years, I was invited to join a group of women facing challenges, by a therapist planning to write a book titled, ‘Getting Through’.

We met once a week, shared our stories, supported each other and were given exercises to do as homework.

It was during this time I realized that I was someone who viewed challenges, no matter how difficult or devastating, as opportunities for me to grow and learn more about myself.

Based on reflection from my experiences, I share these helpful attributes I came to realize about myself.

Undoubtedly there are more and likely not all apply to everyone.

Still, I offer them for consideration.

11 Attributes

1. The possibility of failure does not deter you from trying, even multiple times

2. You accept change is occurring rather than denying change

3. You see change and adaptation as in the natural order of life

4. You connect with and express your emotions in healthy ways

5. You have a support system of people you can share with honestly and openly

6. You actually believe that a new door will be opening

7. You seek healthy resources to deal with stress

8. You see challenges as opportunities

9. You are open to new ideas

10. You are willing to be open and vulnerable

11. You are able and willing to admit to your role in difficult situations or relationships

Do you seek growth in difficult situations? Do these attributes resonate for you?

Please help me add to this list if you see yourself as someone who grows rather than just gets through various difficulties.

I would love to hear from you.