Healing Presence Therapy

The core concepts and values present in my work are  caring, deep listening, centeredness, intuition, intentionality, non-judgment and compassion. The healing process, spiritual emergence and recovery, and the quality of one’s life, can be profoundly impacted through the harmonizing influence of these attributes.

I call the ability to be present in this way with another in my work, Healing Presence Therapy. I was not taught this process; it was born from my own healing journey.

Healing Presence Therapy (HPT) involves a personal and transpersonal philosophy as well as implementing the works of nurse theorists, Martha Rogers, Jean Watson and Margaret Newman. (Human Energy Fields, Caring, Health as Expanding Consciousness).

No one ‘heals’ another. Yet, one can help facilitate the healing process, and I believe embodying the presence of these specific qualities are essential for facilitation of healing.

healing-presence-therapy-700-500The more a practitioner engages in their own personal development and healing work, the more likely they are to be able to ‘show up’ as a healing presence for another and hold the container through which healing can occur.

One of the key reasons I chose Healing Touch as my energetic healing modality is because in each level of the training there is emphasis and expectation about the student exploring their own personal development and healing.

I believe that healing can be accelerated when the individual receiving any type of energetic based healing modality feels safe in the practitioner’s presence, thus aiding in the ability to open up to receive at a deeper level.

Bumps along life’s journey are inevitable. Every experience is an opportunity to learn, grow and heal. When we become a healing presence for each other, we can lessen the residual trauma and accelerate healing.

Presence allows the human spirit to do it’s work.

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