Meet Donna Harmony Jones

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1978. A long time. I have worked in a hospital setting, home health care in various capacities, private duty, wellness education and founded Healing Resources, a holistic health and healing business. I currently work part-time hours as a hospice nurse.

In whatever capacity I have served as a nurse over the years, my passions have always been to be an instrument of healing and compassion; to educate, advocate, and care for the whole person.

The art of nursing has kept me in the field for almost 4 decades. While the knowledge and practice of the science of nursing has been integral to the care of my patients, family and myself, the art of nursing has been the key to my happiness.

The art or ‘heart’ of nursing, which involves care of the whole person, including the emotional, mental, social, spiritual and relationship aspects of being human, must be balanced with science based care. Making connection and truly relating with the person is crucial.  All this is known to many as Holistic Nursing.  Many years ago, in my study of the holistic nursing curriculum, I realized I had always been a holistic nurse, except in the area of self-care.

In 1994, I came face to face with this missing piece of being a holistic nurse when I led myself into a stress induced illness. This realization and experience was life changing, professionally and personally.

I chose at the time to explore alternative and complementary therapies and take an honest look at how my choices had impacted the onset of my poor health. I realized that those choices had led to dis-ase on all levels of my being. Along with compromised physical health, I had developed anxiety and depression and was quite low spiritually.  I had dealt with anxiety since my teens but this was the worst I had ever experienced. I decided not to take medication, but to get at the root cause of what led to the deterioration of my well-being and what I could do to stop the cycle.

When someone is not feeling well, diagnosed with a disease or injured, I see my role as caring for the person the disease has a hold of rather than just focusing on the disease, disorder, illness or injury. This quote by Hippocrates, the ‘father of medicine’, has guided my core practice of nursing: ‘It is better to know the person who has a disease rather than the disease that has the person.’

donna-harmony-jonesI am an empathetic and compassionate listener. I become a healing presence and create a space in which the person can relax, and healing can occur. I can usually ease patient and caregiver anxiety. I have always used caring touch as a way to reduce anxiety and connect with my patients and in 1994 I began my study of the modality of Healing Touch and learned to use touch therapeutically.

My passion for advocacy includes my friends and family. Advocating for my husband during his extended illness and frequent hospitalizations utilized all of my nursing knowledge and experience. Advocating for my mother was also an eye opener. At some point I found myself asking the question, ‘how do people with no medical training advocate for themselves and their loved ones?’

My passions include educating personal and professional caregivers about the crucial need for self-care.  As I have served in both capacities, I understand the potential rewards and challenges.

My work is dedicated to the memory of my father, my late husband, my grandchildren, and to all who are on the journey seeking optimal health, healing and happiness.

I experience great satisfaction assisting others in accessing inner and outer resources to reach their highest potential in holistic health, wellness and healing.

My approach is holistic, multi-dimensional, and client goal centered. My role is to be alongside you, sharing my knowledge from training and experience, my insights and my caring presence.