Healing Services

Personal Transformation

Supporting clients as they reach for their highest potential

Life constantly offers opportunity for growth. Sometimes it’s difficult to pursue these opportunites alone or unsupported.

Personal Transformation offers a companion or ‘spiritual doula’ for your unique journey.

I believe Spirit is always available to work through and for each of us. As we awaken to and expand our consciousness, we maximize available guidance and assistance. Life experiences often limit the fullest expression of who we are and the realization of our potential.

It takes courage to embark on the healing journey and break free of constraints. Once free, we can reclaim fullness and magnificence of who we are and what we are here to contribute. As we break free, we allow others to do the same, and the world is changed.

Having made the commitment to pursue higher levels of healing myself, I am unafraid of the journey. I am a compassionate and confident companion on the healing path of others. It is a sacred privilege to serve in this capacity.

Comments from clients

Donna inspired me to a level of trust that allowed me to venture where I dare not venture with others. She stayed at my side throughout confusion and fear; holding out faith in my ability to figure things out.

Donna was the one person with whom I could entrust my heart, fears, shadows and light, when I decided I was ready for real change in my life.