Healing Services

Surgical Support

Enhances pre- and post-operative well-being

The prospect of surgery can produce anxiety and fear. The surgeon and surgical team provide extensive information to reduce such fears. Still, many individuals experience some degree of anxiety and stress as they approach the day of surgery.

Surgical Support, includes sessions prior to the surgery at my office, your home, or remotely, the creation of affirmations specific to your surgery, and sessions in the hospital and at home. Surgical Support has enhanced outcomes and total well-being for many of my clients and is beneficial for all types of surgery.

The art and science of Healing Touch has been shown to promote the relaxation response and ease anxiety. When the body and mind are at ease, inherent healing potential is maximized. Studies have demonstrated that anxiety and fear increase pain and stress, compromising the immune system.

Benefits of Healing Touch Before and After Surgery

  • Decreases anxiety and fear
  • Quicker, smoother recover
  • Accelerates wound healing

Reported Effects of Surgical Support

I was so worked up and frightened about my hip replacement that I didn’t think I could go through with it. After my first session, I felt a deep sense of peace. The morning of surgery I was not frightened.
J.S. Saint Louis, MO

Donna provided Healing Touch to several of my surgical patients. Those patients showed a noticeable decrease in anxiety and maintained a positive attitude going into surgery. They also recovered quickly. Donna has been a valued asset to my patients and the health care team.
Paul S. Lux, M.D., Arthritis & Reconstructive Orthopedic Surgery  Saint Louis, MO


Donna is a dedicated, loving and focused Healing Touch Practitioner. I don’t know how anyone gets through surgery without Healing Touch. My recovery time was shorter than expected and I experienced a minimum of pain and swelling. I know my recovery went well because Donna was with me.
L.S. Saint Louis, MO