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Hi! I am excited at the prospect of us working together!

I love bringing forward my experiences and expertise in mainstream health care, holistic health care and healing work!

I find myself in a unique position as a registered nurse who worked in mainstream health care for many years, then through my own health crisis, explored ‘off the grid’ concepts for my recovery, which set the stage for ultimately becoming a holistic nurse and Healing Touch Practitioner! I have guided hundreds of clients on their healing journey and supported many clients through surgical procedures. I have been an advocate for myself, my friends and family, and as caregiver for my husband and mother, in order to ensure access to the best health care possible.

I offer many services related to health, well-being and healing.

Are you ready for a health or healing breakthrough? Are you willing to do what it takes along the way? Have you known for a long time that you want to make some changes in your life but have felt stuck, not sure how to proceed or why what you are doing isn’t working?

Would you like a nurse healer as your advocate for your health care needs or a loved one’s needs?

Would you like support before and after a surgical procedure?

Are you a caregiver who is seeing impact on your well-being due to the stresses of caregiving and less time for your self-care? Do you know someone in this situation?

working-with-donna-harmony-jonesI work with those seeking a personal health or healing revelation and revolution and are ready to partner to do the work.

I will provide a healing presence along with my years of diverse training and experience and various health and healing resource recommendations. In our first ‘discovery’ session we will explore together your intentions and goals and how I may be of service.

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