jo-anne-myers-1In 2002, I stood at the front door of Donna’s home, anticipating my first meeting as her newly hired business coach. As I raised my hand to knock at the door, an unusual thing occurred. I heard a strong voice in my mind that said, “You are about to work with a powerful healer.”  I’ve never forgotten the sacredness of that moment or how true the message proved to be.

Donna is not just a wonderful healer, or an amazing healer—she is a powerful healer. Her work is sacred, and her connection to all that is Good is strong and pure.

Over the years, Donna has used a variety of energetic healing and balancing techniques with me, both in-person and remotely. She uses what is appropriate for my needs at that moment and allows herself to be guided in the healing. I love her sense of confidence in the direction she receives. It is a confidence devoid of ego.

Donna hasn’t lived a simple or easy life, but she has lived a life of continuous learning and growth. She transforms every experience, happy or rough, into a lesson that deepens her spirit, her integrity, and her pureness as a channel for healing.

There are few people I trust or respect as much as Donna. I trust what she does, how she does it and where’s she coming from—she is balanced in heart and mind.

I never forgot the words I heard so clearly all those years ago—“you are about to work with a powerful healer.”  I hope that you, too, will experience this powerful, beautiful healer.

Jo Anne Myers, Sun Stone Coach
Sedona, Arizona

Donna has a gentle and available presence. Her ability to listen to my story, then guide me deeper into myself to reveal the untold story, allowed me to see the whole picture. She held a safe and strong container for me to do my healing work.  Her compassion and gentle strength are two qualities that she marries with her knowledge and wisdom.

C Koch RN,
St. Louis, Missouri

After a brief session with Donna, I felt complete relief from unrelenting neck and right arm pain I had lived with for months. The pain was so bad I consulted a neurosurgeon and had an MRI.  As Donna was working with me my arm felt warm and tingly. She said I was carrying a great deal of tension in my neck. I felt a release of emotional tension during the work. She taught me a few simple ways to manage my stress which were helpful.

I had an upcoming appointment to see the surgeon and review my MRI results. I sat there after she worked on me, pain free, wondering if I even needed to keep my appointment.
I have been pain free ever since.

Sandra Blackwood, RN
Clearwater, Florida

When Donna began her work with me my life had been spiraling downhill for many years. I was reaching a breaking point when she offered me Healing Touch and her healing presence. She was the vessel that helped me allow the light from within to come out so I could find my strength again and heal. I can truly say that I would not be the person I am today without Donna’s guidance and Healing Touch.

Accompanying the emotional turmoil, I was in when I first experienced Donna’s work, I had excruciating pain in my shoulder and was being treated by a physical therapist and pain management specialist. With Donna’s help I was soon back to digging in the garden and building houses.

Pam S.
St. Louis, Missouri

jheilscherDonna has a gentle compassionate energy that exudes love and heals on many levels. I’m grateful for her talent and service’s as she has deeply helped me on my healing journey.

J. Heilscher


I have come to Donna for Healing Touch for many years and her abilities and connection to healing energy has only become more refined and powerful. Because we now live in different states, she has worked with me remotely. I liken long-distance healing to the power of prayer—made no less effective due to distance. I know I am safe in Donna’s hands because of the clarity of her intention which has been honed by a depth of professional experience and knowledge, but most of all because throughout her life, the Donna I know has never varied in her tireless commitment to spiritual growth. There is a kind of honest purity about Donna in her healing work. Trust is essential, and I always find the same comforting gentleness, openness, understanding, and non-judgement when I receive Healing Touch from Donna.

Ellen Bartin
The Everyday Astrologer St. Louis, Missouri

I came to Donna for the first time in February 2016 with a medical issue I was working through and – equally important — some imbalances in my feeling and mental natures as a result of the unsettling physical challenges I was facing. My first session with her was positive and helpful on multiple fronts, and all subsequent sessions have been as well. Her Healing Touch therapy is so gentle and yet so effective. One example: I had been developing lymphedema in my left arm and she was able to pinpoint exactly where the congestion in my system was – and it wasn’t in my left arm!   Within a few hours of the treatment which had an extra focus in an area on my right side, the lymphedema started to recede. She has genuinely encouraged and allowed me to discuss feelings I thought might be getting in the way of my healing and then worked out a protocol in my treatment to aid in moving energy into areas where it was needed most and promoting balance in my system. She’s a very caring, insightful, and intuitive therapist who believes strongly in understanding the whole person and not just zeroing in on a condition. Thank you, Donna!

L. Oppegard
Dunedin, Florida

Donna shines forth such a brilliant light that she has been a beacon for me, shining a spotlight in the darkness allowing me to see the light within when I haven’t been able to see it for myself.

Michelle Maloney
Las Vegas, Nevada

Donna is a dedicated, loving and focused Healing Touch Practitioner. I don’t know how anyone gets through surgery without Healing Touch. My recovery time was shorter than expected and I experienced a minimum of pain and swelling. I know my recovery went well because Donna was with me.

Saint Louis, Missouri

dr-luxDonna provided Healing Touch to several of my surgical patients. Those patients showed a noticeable decrease in anxiety and maintained a positive attitude going into surgery. They also recovered quickly. Donna has been a valued asset to my patients and the health care team.

Paul S. Lux, M.D., Arthritis & Adult Reconstructive Orthopedic Surgery
St. Louis, Missouri

I will always be grateful for Donna’s support during my mother’s illness and extended hospital and rehab stay. Donna spoke with me on several occasions and answered questions I had regarding my mother’s condition and care she was receiving. Through Donna’s guidance, I was able to be my mother’s advocate which allowed me and my family to intelligently speak on her behalf. Better understanding my mother’s condition as well as the proper procedures that should be followed was extremely valuable. Thank you, Donna for your continued heart centered love and support.

Cindy B.
Melbourne, Florida

Donna is a healing presence in all aspects of her life. She is experienced, gentle, compassionate, intuitive, grounded, ethical and has a breadth of knowledge from her life work and experiences.

I have known Donna for more than 15 years. It has been my honor and privilege to work side by side with her, taking care of clients, serving on Healing Touch St. Louis Board, helping in workshops and attending conferences. She is not only my dear friend and wise colleague, but also my trusted Healing Touch practitioner.

Robyn DeGraff, CHTP
West Virginia